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Starlight Drive-In Theater

Richard “Hunter” Lee

Valet Bella’s / Private

Age 19

Likes: RC Cola, sleeping late, Freezie Pops, flossing, Corn on the cob, Romantic comedies.

Hates: Horror movies, running, loud music, confined spaces.

Favorite movie: Ice Pirates,

Favorite Car: Corvette,

Favorite singer: Prince.

Dream Job: Olympic Skater

Love-Loves Adult Boutique

George Washington Lincoln “Prez”

Valet Bella’s / Clerk Love-Loves Adult Boutique

Age 19

Likes: Grape Fanta, Charleston Chews, Canned Green Beans, Atari 2600 game system

Hates: Buses, P.E., creepy white guys at his mom’s shop, fighting

Favorite comedian: Richard Pryor

Celebrity Crush: Lisa Bonet

Dream job: Movie Star

Alley behind Bella’s


Vietnam Vet

Age 41

Likes: warm sunny days, scotch (any), candy corn, beauty magazines, beets.

Hates: rainy days, rats, cheap perfume, any building with revolving doors.

Favorite utility item: Swiss Army Knife

Favorite day of the week: Sunday

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage: Orange Crush.

Bartallatas Home

Sloan Bartallatas

Wife of Frank Bartallatas

Age None of your damn business

Likes: white wine, Tab, anything with sugar, Tiffany’s, cats, arugula

Hates: religion, kids, drugs, the color orange, milk, maître d’s

Favorite car: BMW

Favorite Store: Sak’s Fifth Avenue

Favorite Clothes: Cashmere Sweater

Least favorite word: Sorry

Geno’s Sub Shop

Frank Bartallatas

Capo Carmelo Crime Family

Age Thirtysomething

Likes: Red Wine, Hostess Cupcakes, Bareknuckle Boxing, Lima Beans

Hates: Cops, Stop and Go lights, Cordless Phones, Small cars, dogs, cats, pigeon’s, and Rats

Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Favorite Singer: Ella Fitzgerald

Knickerbocker Hotel

Charlie “Chance” McQueen

Owner Bella’s Restaurant

Age Thirtysomething

Likes: Scotch, Wine, Butterburger’s, prefers custard to ice cream and loves Amusement Parks

Hates: Mornings, taxes, and asparagus. (makes your pee smell)

Favorite song: My Way sung by Frank Sinatra

Favorite T.V. Show: Three’s Company

Favorite instrument he can’t play: Cello

Kopoff Home

Alexandra “Alex” Kopoff

Valet Bella’s Restaurant

Age 19

Likes: coffee black, roll your own cigarettes, and Watermelon Jolly Ranchers

Hates: Sports, meat, and mean people

Favorite book: The Feminine Mystique

Favorite Movie: The Neverending Story

Favorite Band: Depeche Mode

Dream Job: Artist / Activist

Country Kitchen

Winston “Winnie” Morris 

Valet Bella’s Restaurant

Age 19

Likes: coffee with loads of cream and sugar, Anime, comics, banana pancakes

Hates: bullies, broccoli, and video late fees

Favorite show: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Favorite Cartoon: Robotech

Favorite Movie: Labyrinth

Dream Job: Comic series creator